Advancing the Paperless Office


To wet sign documents with a pen you have to print the documents, what if you didn't have to print?  you could significantly reduce time and cost of printing.  Any thing you can print can be signed with iDentifi.eSign.

No matter how many times you look at it, signatures come up missing when you manually sign.  iDentifi.eSign is like a little compliance watch dog, nothing gets past him, so no missing signatures.

What is the backup for paper?  more paper, what happens if a file gets lost, stolen or a disaster happens where the paper is stored?  if it's in a paper format it's not safe.  iDentifi.eSign documents don't have the problems you get with paper.



When there are a lot of signature areas to sign and multiple people signing it can take awhile for every one to sign.  iDentifi.eSign with it's SignOnce and done only requires each person signing to sign once.  SignOnce will place the signature in all the correct signature areas.   Combine SignOnce option with View All Required option and the user will see every page and only have to sign once.


You will have peace of mind with iDentifi.eSign during an audit.  It's wonderful to know the documents will be there and all signatures will be there.  Now you can focus on more important things, like where to go for lunch.